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School Holidays in Richmond, Texas Provide Children with Opportunities to Explore

Posted on 06-09-2014


There is so much for your child to explore during school holidays. With so many attractions available, parents need to research activities suitable for their child's age group. Most attractions and holiday destinations are available for families throughout the year including during school holidays.

How about taking your toddler on a visit to the zoo in your area? This is a great opportunity for your child to get acquainted with animals and learn how they are cared for. Perhaps he or she can visit the animal hospital at the zoo, which may give him or her an opportunity to feed some animals under the supervision of the zoo staff. This can be a memorable experience for both you and your child. You will need to contact the zoo in advance to see what programs are offered.

If there are beaches or lakes in your area, take your child there. Or why not do something out of the ordinary and take the entire family on a cycling adventure or a horse riding escapade? A trip to a wildlife park can also be a fun outing for children.

School holidays come with many exciting shows that your child may enjoy. Make sure to find out about any extracurricular activities happening around your city and make necessary arrangements to take your child to the appropriate ones. Many theaters offer performances for both younger and older age groups.

The Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Greatwood/Canyon Gate in Richmond, Texas is open during school holidays. Why not enroll your child in a summer camp like the one offered by our Learning Academy? The program is ten weeks long, and filled with exciting activities like learning about plants, bugs and wildlife. We even have a virtual sleeping under the stars experience in our classroom. Our camp is a good solution for working parents who cannot be home to entertain the kids during the school break. Contact us now to learn more about enrolling your child today. 

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