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Richmond child care tips: your infant and teething

Posted on 06-30-2014


Your infant’s first tooth is an exciting milestone, but if your child is finding the teething process painful it can be hard on the whole family. Here are some tips on recognizing and soothing the teething process.

Is my child teething?

Symptoms of teething often start before the first tooth arrives. Sleeplessness, loss of appetite, increased irritation, drooling, swollen gums and increased biting or chewing behavior are all signs that your child may be teething. However, have this confirmed by your pediatrician, since some of these symptoms can be linked to other conditions. If you are looking for a pediatrician in the Richmond area, you may want to visit the Pediatric Center. They have a highly qualified team of doctors, specialists and nurse practitioners ready to help your child.

How should I soothe a teething infant?

  • Massage: Using a clean finger, gently rub your child’s gums, putting pressure on swollen spots. You should be able to feel the hard teeth underneath the gum tissue.
  • Teething ring: Made of child-safe, hard silicone, these rings give your child something durable to bite and chew on. Sterilize it regularly and always have one in your bag for easy access if you and your child are out of the house.
  • Cold: Refrigerated items that your child can chew and suck on will give additional relief. Try a clean, wet washcloth, a carrot or cucumber that your child can chew under your careful supervision. These food items can pose a choking hazard. Chilling your child’s food may also help regain a lost appetite.
  • Hard solid foods: If your child is eating solid foods, a hard, sugar-free teething biscuit will provide relief as well as a snack.Be sure to supervise this snack time carefully, as teething biscuits can pose a choking hazard.
  • Teething gels: If your child is still struggling, a teething gel recommended by your pediatrician can help. This is a topical anesthetic that numbs the gums, so use it infrequently and not less than twenty minutes before a feed, as it can compromise your child’s sucking reflex. Be sure to follow the dosing recommendations given by your child’s doctor.

If you are looking for a child care facility that will keep your teething infant happy, learning and playing, choose Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Greatwood/Canyon Gate. Our accredited infant program is designed to offer your child a loving, supportive environment filled with activities that are fun and that enhance brain development.

For more information on our infant or child care program or our state-of-the-art facility, contact us today.

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