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Richmond Child Care: Art and Science Activities for your Preschooler

Posted on 12-08-2014


If you want to encourage creativity and imagination in your preschool child, get him or her involved in art and science activities. Childcare experts believe that being exposed to art and science activities during early childhood can play a significant role in brain development. Here are a few art and science oriented activities that can help your child develop creativity and stronger neural connections in the brain:

Body Tracing

Body tracing will teach your preschooler about the body. You will need some paper large enough to fit your child’s body, a pencil or a marker, and some crayons or paint. Have your child lie on the paper and then trace the outline of his or her body. Then your child can draw in the face and clothing and color those in with crayons or paint. You can use this activity to teach about the different parts of the body and encourage creativity with the crayons or paint.

Cardboard City

This activity requires nothing more than several cardboard boxes of different sizes and a bit of paint, crayons or markers. Help your child draw windows and doors on the boxes and stack them to make different types of structures. You can encourage your child’s creativity in decorating the structures. This activity teaches about construction, engineering, and balance.

Cotton Swab Painting

Substitute cotton swabs for paintbrushes, and let your child get creative while painting on paper, cardboard or other safe surfaces. This is a good activity to use to teach your child about colors. You can help your child to mix colors, and learn about primary and secondary colors.

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