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How to Make Memories That Last

Posted on 01-10-2017

We all have those wonderful childhood memories that we carry along through life. We remember losing our first tooth, or riding a bike without training wheels for the first time. Big things like these stick out in our memory, and we look back and smile on how far we have come, and how much joy life has brought us over the years.

Parents have the unique opportunity to help shape the memories of our children. Every day that we are raising them is another page that is added into the book of their childhood. So, how do we add a little bit more embellishment to the pages when our days are already so full?

Remember that a positive atmosphere at home is going to be the main factor in making fun memories. You could take your toddler to cool museums every day, but if Mommy is stressed out the whole time, that’s what your child is going to feel. Instead, you could take the day to spend playing outside at home. Just make sand castles in the sandbox, or see how high you can swing without getting scared! Spending quality time together is one of the best memories that you could make with your child. Make them feel loved by being intentional, and making an effort to really connect those heart strings.

Time together is the best memory, but our fast-paced culture has made it more and more difficult to just slow down and enjoy the little things and the little people that life has placed along our paths.

This year, choose to be intentional, and give your child the best childhood memories. Give them memories of happy times together, and make them feel loved through stability and a happy environment. Create the atmosphere of joy and the happy memories will just happen as you live and love together.

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