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Holiday Crafts with Kids

Posted on 12-02-2016

The holidays are a great season to spend loads of time with your preschooler and other members of your family. However, sometimes you run out of things to do. To help you spend more creative time with your children, we’ve found some of these crafts to be helpful!

The blog No Time for Flash Cards has a list of twenty-five activities you can do with your child during the break!

Snow Painting

If you get any snow this year, one activity that would be super fun and easy—and one that gets your child’s creativity outside rather than on your living room wall—is painting in the snow!

Paint and snow is all you need. Painting the snow is way better than painting the walls, so let your kids run free with this one! As long as it doesn’t get on their clothes we’re all good!

Snowflake Craft

This one is equally easy—a snowflake for toddlers! All you need is cotton balls, paper, and glue. (Be careful with that last ingredient.)

Paint a star of glue on the paper, sort of like an asterisk. Then, add the cotton balls on the parts with the glue, and there you have it!

Hole Punch Snowflakes

Another kind of snowflake just requires paper. You remember the ones you made as a kid, right? Well, now it’s time to pass on the tradition.

Take some paper and fold it up a few times. Grab some scissors, or a hole puncher, and cut little shapes along the seams. Then, when you unfold it you’ll find a magical snowflake appearing.

We hope these crafts are fun for your child and your family during this holiday season.

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