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Fun Activities to Learn Foreign Languages with Preschool Children

Posted on 06-09-2017

Your preschooler is learning new things every day, from tying their shoes to sharing their toys. But have you ever considered teaching your child how to speak another language? Bilingualism provides the opportunity to communicate with a variety of people and learn about different cultures. Teaching your child a foreign language may sound difficult, but we have a handful of tips and tricks to make the experience fun and educational! Check them out!

Start at the preschool level.

When your little one first learned to talk, they probably started with colors, numbers, and phrases like “hello” and “thank you.” You can introduce the same words when teaching your child a foreign language, making it easy for them to remember and apply to their daily lives. You can even practice using these words to describe the things you see when taking a walk or driving through your neighborhood.

Use a picture book.

Try flipping through a picture book together and point to common objects such as tables, chairs, windows, and doors. First, say the words in English and then repeat their names in the second language you are teaching your child. They will quickly understand that these words mean the same thing and represent a certain object, and will be able to recall this information when they see the object in person.

Listen to music.

You can get your little one extra excited to learn a foreign language by listening to music in that language, watching videos pertaining to the country where it is spoken, or even eating different types of food from that country’s culture.

Learning a foreign language stimulates your child’s cognitive development and cultivates critical-thinking skills. Furthermore, it’s a huge milestone for your youngster! It may not come easily, but if you remember to be patient and stay positive, you and your child are sure to have fun learning a new language together.

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